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From the Northwest, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Bonnie always had an ambition to be an artist. She was continually recognized for her ability and encouraged by her teachers throughout her school years. After raising four children, she is now able to concentrate on her passion of painting. She has lived in Albuquerque for over 40 years and recognizes this is the place for an artist. She has a great appreciation for light and shadow created by the sun which most of the time was missing in Oregon. She is involved in anything to do with art, whether it is taking workshops, (“one never stops learning as long as you can breathe” is her motto), plein air painting, studio painting, and leadership roles in various art organizations. She paints still life, florals, pet portraits, and landscapes.

Bonnie studied at Portland Art Museum and Portland State University. She has studied under New Mexican artists Boondy Wang, Lou Maestas, Grieg Chapian, Howard Wexler, Siegfried Hahn and Deborah Christensen Secor. Her artwork is in private collections from England and throughout the U.S. She considers her painting style to be impressionist realism and delights in the chiaroscuro effect.

She has exhibited at the New Mexico Art League, New Mexico State Fair, MasterWorks at Expo, NM, Encantada, Watercolor Society Exhibition and Jemez Art Gallery. Professional Organizations she belongs to are: Life member of New Mexico Art League, Rio Grande Art Association, Pencil Painters of NM, and Plein Air Painters of NM.

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