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The Horned Toad Print Exchange is a collection of 53 small works by printmakers from all over the world. It was organized by Manuel Guerra - is a print professor at UTEP in El Paso – with the help of art patron and printmaking enthusiast Karl Whiteaker. These pieces are not for sale, but a catalog of all the works is available for sale.

For this open themed print exchange printmakers worldwide were invited to submit an edition of 10, original, hand-pulled prints using any of the following techniques: Intaglio, Lithography, Relief, and Serigraphy. Each participant received 8 randomly selected prints from the exchange, and the remaining two prints are archived at The Horned Toad Prints studio and used for exhibition. The NNCC is fortunate to exhibit one of these portfolios in this 2020 summer exhibition! Here is the link to viewing this portfolio.

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