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Jen Jaciw (sounds like jasseff) is a California native who moved to New Mexico 4 years ago. Her father was a commercial photographer and taught her at a very young age the skill of capturing beauty through a camera lens and developing her own photos in their home-based darkroom.

Jen has always loved portrait photography, but her focus shifted to the stunning landscapes of New Mexico when she began exploring hiking trails throughout the state.

Jen resides in Rio Rancho with her husband, Alex, and two kittens, CoCo and Ebony. In addition to hiking, she loves (and misses!) attending live music performances in her spare time.

Artist Statement

My mission is to present another perspective. Many of my local friends have commented that I show them a slice of NM that they had not seen before and I receive great satisfaction in that. I love to share my art with others, and hope to inspire people to get outside and experience all the beauty New Mexico has to offer.

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