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Artist Statement

My love of art and expressing myself through art started as a child. In 1976, I attended Texas Technical Institute to pursue commercial design, but was not able to complete that program because of a life threating health problem. After gaining the strength and stability I needed for my health, I was able to keep my art dream alive by painting periodically for family and friends. During my very busy career, I continued my pursuit of oil paintings the only way I could by watching PBS television art demonstrations. This was a great way to learn more about painting, but I painted like they did.

Since retiring, I started my own business “Creamincolor, LLC” to focus on my love of oil painting. I feel that I am finally getting the opportunity to develop my own style. It has been freeing to not box myself in to one style or genre.

I am allowing myself the flexibility to try new things. I have been experimenting with using pallet knifes and thick oils to create flowers and landscapes. Most recently, I have been experimenting with perspectives. This year many life changing events have happened and I found many evolved around story lines through a perspective.

However, most of my oil paintings are created with the sky being the primary part of each piece. They are all full of bold bright colors that speaks to me.

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