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Artist Statement

I am a psychotherapist by vocation, and one of the things I find many therapists have in common is a belief that the outdoors, steeping one’s self in nature, has a very healing effect on stressed out lives. My photos are primarily of nature, birds and beasts who may be found in the Bosque del Apache refuge near San Antonio, New Mexico. I began frequenting the Bosque 20 years ago, and fell in love with this magical place. Photography in nature resembles a form of meditation that completely occupies one’s mind, focus and attention. On several occasions, at the burst of snow geese from the water, I’ve become oblivious of my camera, and just stare feeling raptured at the mass of birds overhead and the Jurassic cacophony of wings and cries. I also believe that seeing beauty in nature naturally makes us more aware, conscious and intentional about how we participate as humans in our natural world. If we care about it, we respect and care for it.

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