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Artist Statement

I fell in love with Monet’s landscapes at first sight and made what has turned out to be a life-long commitment to being an artist. After a countrywide road trip, I became enchanted with the land of New Mexico and made this state my home. Multiple decades of being happily devoted to career and family followed.

Five years ago, I retired from a second career. Since then, I have been lucky enough to spend endless hours of most days painting. About 90% of my work is started onsite (Plein Air) and finished in my home studio. My goal is to create beautiful, dynamic, colorful paintings that show the strength of my relationship and gratitude to the land I love. My truth is that I love every part of the process of painting New Mexico.I use both oil and acrylic paints with red and/or black gessoed canvases.

A nontraditional approach to Plein Air painting that is used by many of New Mexico’s Colorist has been the primary influence of my artistic path. The work of Canada’s Group of 7 and Thom Thompson has also strongly influenced my work.

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