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I am a native New Mexican born and raised in Raton and currently live and work in Albuquerque. I earned my bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Southwest University of Visual Arts in Albuquerque in 2019. When I am not working on my art I am a freelance graphic designer. For several years, I have taught art to adolescence incarcerated for gang and drug affiliated felonies. I am contemporary digital artist. I worked in traditional painting and drawing media for more than twelve years and have been a digital artist for about eight years now. I am just starting to exhibit my work. I draw my inspiration from the likes of Caravaggio, Francis Bacon, and Francisco Goya.

Artist Statement

I am a digital artist who works mainly figuratively with the intention of expressing raw human emotions. I create my images intuitively, choosing my composition and color choices based on my feelings. My work as a visual artist has transitioned from using tangible traditional paint and canvas to drawing, painting and layering images digitally. I feel more comfortable with the minimalistic approach since it preserves resources and allows my “studio” to be mobile. It also provides me with the fluidity and versatility to explore my ideas.

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